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What We Offer

Symeon Automotive is a pioneer team of engineers from all over the world with a lot of experience in automotive industry. We design and develop the most advanced automotive products possible. Our experience drive us to the new era of the innovation as we push into the limits. Join to our dreams at Symeon.

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Motorsport Developing

The motorsport development division is committed to

pushing the limits of engineering and performance,

as they strive to create cutting-edge race cars that

will dominate the tracks and set new

standards in the world of motorsport

R & D

Our dedicated research and development team is

continuously working on advancing automotive

technologies and designing state-of-the-art cars

that will shape the future of motorsport



The design team is currently working on

creating innovative prototype cars that push the

boundaries of automotive technology and

redefine the future of mobility


As a leading automotive manufacturer, we are

committed to developing innovative solutions for

our products, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to

elevate safety, efficiency, and the overall driving

experience for our valued customers.


Carbon Manufacturing

At Symeon Automotive, carbon manufacturing is

a core aspect of our production process, where

we leverage state-of-the-art techniques to craft

high-performance and lightweight carbon

components, elevating the performance and

efficiency of our vehicles to new heights.



What we do

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