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About us

Symeon Automotive is a pioneer team of engineers from all over the world with a lot of experience in automotive industry. We design and develop the most advanced automotive products possible. Our experience drive us to the new era of the innovation as we push into the limits. Join to our dreams at Symeon.



Our Mission to develop new cutting edge parts for automotive industry to get in to new era of the production


Our Vision to build safe and smart ideas for clients with emphasys in lightweight constraction using bio-materials



Our Team is ready to develop and deliver every time the masterpiece of engineering to our clients taking into account experience and knowledge of Symeon


Our Job results comes from clients success. In Symeon Automotive we are glad that we work with the biggest automotive brands in the world and we never stop unleash our ideas and innovations with them.

CEO of Symeon Automotive
Symeon Papadopoulos

Sometimes it's hard to tell someone your dream. But it's easier to show them. 

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