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Research & Development

R&D Team is capable to work for different products. Our most common projects is chassis design, suspension system design, exterior car design and interior car design. With the best CAD, CAS, FEM and MBD tools we build with your perspective the best solutions for every problem, from our specialization chassis and suspension system design to the most innovetive car parts.

Our Famous Projects

Chassis Design

Together with the client we build the easiest and safest lightweight construction chassis based on eco friendly products without going step back to the designing optic of the model.

Suspension Sytsem

Based on clients chassis and build with your needs our team is able to develop high end suspension systems for every kind of use. From fast track focus results to off road long trips.

Part Design

Our contribution to the design of new parts in many differnt automotive brands is one of our most knowned skills. Our engineers design new parts for different model needs to even mechanical parts inside different systems of the car.

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